Model no:CTB18
Play age: 3-12
Usage: school, family room, KFC, mall, supermarket and education organization etc.
Playground components:
Plastic slides, Ocean ball pools, Trampoline, Space tunnels, Platforms, Bridges, Swings, Soft plays, Panels, Ladders, Handrails etc.
A. Plastic components: made of LLDPE- Linear low density polyethylene, rotational mould.
B. Post: galvanized-steel tubes with diameter 48mm, thickness 2mm (corrosion resistant coating on the interior of the tube, with galvanized coating applied to exterior of the tube to eliminate rusting)
Jump,climb,drill,slip,roll etc.
It can adequately cultivate children’s thinking ability and overcoming difficulties ability. Take the spirit of positive, can play the role of physical exercise. It’s very fond of amusement facilities for children
Remark:  Actual design as your area.