Model no: CTB17
Play age: 3-12
Usage: school, family room, KFC, mall, supermarket and education organization etc.
Playground components:
Waterfall Slide, Sea Bed, Balloon Room, Jumping House, Trampoline, Merry-go-round, Treasure Boat, Space Shuttle etc.
A.  Use double hot-galvanized pipe, galvanized inside and outside, also covered PVC foam that can be strong to prevent rust.
B.  Use Environmental protection material, food class LLDPE plastic that can be greatest degree of protection of children.
1)  New Concept of Playground.
2)  Fresh & Eye-catching color
3)  Soft & Safe Playground
4)  Clear & Clean Playground
It can adequately cultivate children’s thinking ability and overcoming difficulties ability. Take the spirit of positive, can play the role of physical exercise. It’s very fond of amusement facilities for childrens.
Remark:  Can design according to customer place sizes and various themes.